soundcloud followers tricks


Despite uploading tracks to SoundCloud regularly, it’s possible that you don’t get your desired amount of following. Meanwhile, you need to get soundcloud followers to boost your popularity and get tons of plays for your SoundCloud tracks. When you buy real Soundcloud USA followers fast and you will get instant results quick that will last for years to come.

In this very article, we’ll be discussing some of the tips to help you establish a following on SoundCloud.

Release Tracks During The Best Day of the Week


Based on observations, Sunday is usually the best day of the week to release a track and the suitable time of day could be 5 PM GMT. The reason is that many SoundCloud followers are chanced to release their new tracks only on weekends. Majority of SoundCloud followers are usually occupied with their other jobs on ordinary days and so, they take advantage of weekends to churn out something and show it to their fans. Perhaps, Sunday would be an interesting day for such people to showcase the works they composed on Saturday. In the subsequent days, such people go on listening to the songs released by other users.

Pay Attention to Other Users’ Music and Give Important Feedback

One of the best ways to get aligned with followers on SoundCloud is to listen to their music attentively and give vital feedback probably in the form of appreciation, suggestion or criticism. If you’re seeking to improve remarkably and even get others to know you and listen to your music, you’ll have to devote ample time listening to their music.

It’s advisable that you check SoundCloud’s dashboard regularly and pay special attention to the section for incoming tracks. Keep yourself abreast with latest tracks, listen to them and let their contents fill your mind. Be inspired by the amazing contents, probably some interesting lyrics, and ensure you express your feelings by dropping reasonable comments.

soundcloud followers tips

Utilize Facebook Groups

Since Facebook is a social network that connects you with thousands of people and eventually gives you a massive following, you can simply exploit some of its relevant groups to get a large audience for your SoundCloud tracks. Create a decent amount of relevant tags for your tracks and subscribe to numerous (or no less than 75) SoundCloud groups pertaining to your tags. Share your track with these SoundCloud groups, bearing in mind that the maximum number of groups you can share to is 75.

You’ll have to save these tags since they will be needed in searching for the relevant Facebook groups you will subscribe to. Share your track with the Facebook groups after subscribing to them. Try also to get involved in discussions in a new Facebook group so that its members are familiar with you. This is necessary and it should be done before you start using the group.