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Things To Avoid If You Want To Invest In Bitcoins And Buy SoundCloud Followers

The easiest way to lose your money by investing in cryptocurrencies and buying followers is to do it without looking at security.

And, in addition, if you are wrong in this aspect, you will lose EVERYTHING.

Cryptocurrencies are in vogue, and that makes many people want to buy bitcoin, then start buying real SoundCloud followers with the BitCoin. This may be a great solution to boost your SoundCloud followers quickly.

We are receiving continuous messages that tell us that cryptocurrencies will not stop rising and that someone who does not buy cryptocurrencies is basically silly because everyone will be millionaires except him. People receive those messages, and their impulse is to buy NOW. No matter if they are € 500, or € 10,000, they have to buy them now so as not to miss the train. The first problem is that they do not know how to invest in bitcoins safely, so they get on the internet and write buy bitcoins on google, finding thousands of pages that make it very, very easy.

Those thousands of pages have been made by people who see the business in it, and many will be lawful. You will be fried on commissions, but decent people will have made them. The problem is that the world is full of people without morals, and they also make pages where you can buy bitcoins. And, unfortunately, these pages make your money, the one that has cost you so much to win, disappear.

The money does not go to your bitcoin account, and it goes to the web maker’s pocket. And, sadly, you don’t even need a website.

Tell someone that if you invest in the stock market, they can double their money in 10 years and laugh at you, but tell them that if you buy bitcoin they can double their money in a month and they will not hesitate, they will give you their money.

Phone calls offering to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will be increasingly common, and there is no doubt that many people will sting. Therefore, the first thing you should NOT do if you do not want to lose your money investing in bitcoins is to act impulsively.

If you are going to buy cryptocurrencies, at least do it on certified, supervised pages and with certain guarantees. Do not give your money to someone who calls you on the phone telling you that you will double it in a month because it is a lie.


The other day I went to a cryptocurrency talk. Simply to be a little informed, it never hurts.

The summary of the talk is as follows.

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are the future. If you do not already have your money in cryptocurrencies, you are dumb, because everyone is going to get rich except you. Bitcoins are the winning horse, and you have to invest your money now. You can learn alone, but you will waste a lot of time. Better give me € 500, and come to my 10-hour course where I teach you everything you need to earn money with bitcoins in no time.

I honestly didn’t know where to go.

The rapporteur made many ridiculous and smoke-selling comments, and sadly he would say that he convinced at least 50% of the attendees.

Anyone is an expert in investing in cryptocurrencies now, and courses to learn to invest in bitcoins have become very fashionable, they come out from under the stones.

If you want to make money with cryptocurrencies, you definitely have to learn.

But be careful, because many of those who sell you a course will have the only objective of taking out your money.

They will tell you what you want to hear, and that will also make you lose money since what people want to hear is that even a monkey throwing darts and buying cryptocurrencies insane can multiply by ten and even by 100 money.


You already know that one of the feelings that make people lose the most money when they invest in the stock market is greed.

When something goes up without stopping, it seems that it will never stop going up, and that attracts many investors who want to earn easy money.

Unfortunately, everything that goes up goes down, and history shows us that people don’t learn.

Will the cryptocurrency bubble be next?

Here you have the evolution of the price of bitcoin in recent years. Now it has come back down a bit, and the price of bitcoin is around $ 6,000. But it came to be almost $ 20,000.

It is true that it seems that blockchain technology is the future. Cryptocurrencies, one of the blockchain applications, have the potential to change the way we treat money, yes. But that does not justify the graph of the price of bitcoin at all. Many say that since bitcoin is limited since there are only 21 million coins, its value is incalculable. That can reach € 500,000, even 1 million per bitcoin. With that, they justify it to rise without stopping But the people who invested in bitcoins when it was $ 20,000 will have already lost more than 60% of their money.


The first rule of investment is to invest only money that you will not need in the future. Debt to invest in bitcoin is to do the opposite, and you can pay it very, very expensive. It seems that buying bitcoins is the smartest thing right now, and it seems that it will never stop rising. Therefore, there are people able to ask for loans to earn even more money. But, look at your quote. A few months ago it was $ 20,000, and now it is $ 7,000. It has dropped more than 60%. Someone who bought $ 1,000 a year ago, for example, will not be very worried. But those who bought $ 20,000 (which will be many) will be pulling their hair. Here you have two pieces of news from people who, in my opinion, are simply crazy.

soundcloud followers tricks


Despite uploading tracks to SoundCloud regularly, it’s possible that you don’t get your desired amount of following. Meanwhile, you need to get soundcloud followers to boost your popularity and get tons of plays for your SoundCloud tracks. When you buy real Soundcloud USA followers fast and you will get instant results quick that will last for years to come.

In this very article, we’ll be discussing some of the tips to help you establish a following on SoundCloud.

Release Tracks During The Best Day of the Week


Based on observations, Sunday is usually the best day of the week to release a track and the suitable time of day could be 5 PM GMT. The reason is that many SoundCloud followers are chanced to release their new tracks only on weekends. Majority of SoundCloud followers are usually occupied with their other jobs on ordinary days and so, they take advantage of weekends to churn out something and show it to their fans. Perhaps, Sunday would be an interesting day for such people to showcase the works they composed on Saturday. In the subsequent days, such people go on listening to the songs released by other users.

Pay Attention to Other Users’ Music and Give Important Feedback

One of the best ways to get aligned with followers on SoundCloud is to listen to their music attentively and give vital feedback probably in the form of appreciation, suggestion or criticism. If you’re seeking to improve remarkably and even get others to know you and listen to your music, you’ll have to devote ample time listening to their music.

It’s advisable that you check SoundCloud’s dashboard regularly and pay special attention to the section for incoming tracks. Keep yourself abreast with latest tracks, listen to them and let their contents fill your mind. Be inspired by the amazing contents, probably some interesting lyrics, and ensure you express your feelings by dropping reasonable comments.

soundcloud followers tips

Utilize Facebook Groups

Since Facebook is a social network that connects you with thousands of people and eventually gives you a massive following, you can simply exploit some of its relevant groups to get a large audience for your SoundCloud tracks. Create a decent amount of relevant tags for your tracks and subscribe to numerous (or no less than 75) SoundCloud groups pertaining to your tags. Share your track with these SoundCloud groups, bearing in mind that the maximum number of groups you can share to is 75.

You’ll have to save these tags since they will be needed in searching for the relevant Facebook groups you will subscribe to. Share your track with the Facebook groups after subscribing to them. Try also to get involved in discussions in a new Facebook group so that its members are familiar with you. This is necessary and it should be done before you start using the group.


Soundcloud And Its New Operating Policy For Real Estate

Artists, consumers and real estate agents present their different points of view about the controversial present and future of the leading musical social network.

Text and coordination of AnttonIturbe.

As described in detail in these three articles by The FADER and MixMag, the controversy focuses on the new policies adopted by SoundCloud in the face of poor financial results ($ 29 million in losses) last year and pressure on the part of the three majors (Universal, Sony, Warner) to apply copyright laws in a more strict manner, whose eagerness to collect in the form of constant complaints is what has caused that economic hole in the first instance.

This has led to SoundCloud to “sell” to these majors and market laws (at least partially) to survive. On the one hand, Universal-Sony-Warner owns between 3 and 5% of the shares of the company and guarantee and supervise the payment of royalties to their artists for each fragment or complete theme that is used in the different mixes uploaded to SoundCloud( DJ mixes, mixtapes, radio programs …).

On the other SoundCloud includes advertising content to obtain revenue and launches premium accounts with monthly fees to its users and launches a new application whose characteristics can be analyzed. It is to pay three different levels of quota that allow for as many levels of space and time to upload music as well as a better positioning of the same in internal searches in proportion to the level acquired (Partner / Pro / Premier).

This platform is part of the SoundCloud agreement to sign with Warner and Universal to pay royalties to the artists of those labels whose contents have been uploaded to SoundCloud.

It should be noted that about copyright this is what is said and “recommended” by SoundCloud:


What Is Copyright Encroachment, And How Might I Stay Away From It?

Since the rights conceded by copyright law are elite to the copyright proprietor (s), you will encroach copyright on the off chance that you do any of those things without the consent of the copyright proprietor (s) – for instance, in the event that you duplicate or adjust to copyright work, or make it accessible on the Internet.

An ideal approach to staying away from copyright encroachment is to guarantee that you don’t utilize anything made by any other individual. Basic as that.

The artists interviewed by The FADER admit having used SoundCloud frequently to exchange ideas with other artists and the general public in a very satisfactory way, and they are not happy with the changes. They are not sure how they will continue to work in this regard and assume that a new platform similar to the “old” SoundCloud in the short-medium term. The controversy is served.

Particularly striking is what is said about the promotion of artists. SoundCloud was born as a platform to share musical ideas for free and without profit, taking advantage of the power of communication that the Internet provides us for it. That is the ideal that many other previous platforms have pursued (Myspace, Bandcamp …) and that sometimes have made us think that an artist no longer needs to tie himself to a label to get the diffusion he wants.

But this ideal seems to falter (like so many other “freedoms” of the internet) when it begins to talk about earning a decent income that will allow at least subsist artists and coordinators of music labels. The laws of the capitalist market, which are the only ones that we know or are allowed to use, are applied with all their harshness as in any other commercial field. And then arise premium rates, exclusive content, advertising, positioning in search engines depending on the pasta that is invested.

The work of promotion is as hard and the chances of success as limited as they have always been (since the record industry exists as such) or even harder, given the asphyxiating dominance exercised by a few large record conglomerates. Is there an alternative?

Currently, there are a good number of small artists that have already been downloaded from SoundCloud and the company has commented that it works on a solution that “satisfies all parties.”

From TIU we have pressed the opinion of several people affected by this controversy, trying to open the range to the different SoundCloud users, whether they are “active” as musicians and DJs or “passive” as promoters or simple listeners.

We pose the five questions and collect your impressions in an article that does not offer magic solutions, nor points in one direction. Instead, it provides different ways in which to develop and advance this exciting debate, which ultimately is extended to the whole process of production and consumption of music.